My Crash web site has now closed...

Way back in 1995 I decided that the wonderful Crash magazine needed its own dedicated web site.

At that time there was nothing online dedicated to this fantastic publication, and so with numerous free periods during my university course I decided to spend some of this time putting together what I hoped would be a definitive online Crash resource.

Over the course of many weeks and months I started to hand-type the articles in from issue one of the magazine. The pages were coded up using the Transwrite text editor on my Amiga 1200, and the images were scanned in using a really horrible hand-held black and white scanner.

Things went well, but unfortunately upon completing my course, work and other commitments soon got in the way, leaving me with little time to continue work on the Crash web site.

Since November 1996 these pages have been without an update. The main reason I'd not taken them down is because over the years I continued to receive wonderful emails from not only people who used to read the magazine, but also a number of ex-writers.

Since I stopped work on these pages the fantastic Crash Online Editon web site ( has since sprung up, and should be your first port of call when looking for anything and everything Crash related.

Although I'd not been updating these pages for years I was in the meantime keeping myself busy by running and maintaining a mailing list for pop group `Madness` (you can see the site by clicking here: and maintaining a web site to document my arcade game collecting, which you can find here:

If you want to see what this site looked like, I've zipped all the pages and images up, and you can download it in one small (194k) file. The pages are set-up so you can un-zip the archive contents into a folder, suitable for offline viewing. Simply click here to download.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone for the kind comments they've sent me regarding these pages over the years. They've given me many hours of pleasure.

See you all soon,

Rob Hazelby (4th September 2005)